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Nashville Pussy

Your biggest concern after listening to Get Some is whether your shower ought to be hot or cold. Kicking up a miasma of filthy noise and musky lust, Nashville Pussy's fourth disc veers precisely zero degrees from its headlong rush into the depths of Dixie-fried porn punk. Still, the disc -- Nashville's first with bassist Karen Exley of Denver's Hemi Cuda -- packs some soul food into its Skynyrd-lined, Motrhead-bloated gut: "Pussy Time" proudly lifts the riff from Edwin Starr's "25 Miles," and there's even a funky, if slightly flattened, cover of Ike and Tina Turner's "Nutbush City Limits." And Blaine Cartwright's couplets on "Lazy White Boy" ("A bag of weed, a six pack of Bud/I'm like a pig in my own mud") are as close to a manifesto as these guys have ever gotten. Thin production makes the sleaze feel a bit pasteurized at points, but Get Some is still a shining, shit-splattered example of the lewd and low-down Nashville Pussy tradition.