Curb Your Enthusiasm

THURS, 9/22

Musicians may have been temporarily silenced in New Orleans, but local acts are making lots of noise on their behalf. Help unsink the South when the Colorado Hip-Hop Coalition hosts Kickin' Katrina to the Curb!, a two-night fundraiser that runs from 6 p.m. today to 1 a.m. tomorrow at Kilimanjaro Sports Bar and Restaurant, 2648 South Parker Road in Aurora, and then picks up again at 8 p.m. Wednesday, September 28, at Polly Esther's, 2301 Blake Street.

It's going to take both those venues to hold all the DJs and jazz, reggae and hip-hop performers who want to do their bit for survivors of Hurricane Katrina. "It's going to be really intense," says the Coalition's Basheba Earth, who'll be performing both nights. "We thought it was important to reach out, to hold out our hands to people suffering the devastation and let them know the community is here for them."

The lineup at Kilimanjaro also features Nuvera's Down, Babah Phly, the Flobots, Lazyface and Apostle (above), who in his other life is Jeff Campbell, head of the Hip-Hop Coalition. The Flobots and Babah Phly will be at Polly Esther's, too, along with DJ Jonas, Ten Tiers, Lazyface and Sunset Curse. Admission is a $5 donation at the door each night (and the first thirty people get a shot of Southern Comfort); proceeds from the first night will go to the Salvation Army for evacuees at Lowry; money from the second to grassroots organizations in Louisiana. For more information, call Kilimanjaro at 303-696-0016 or Polly Esther's at 303-382-1976. -- Patricia Calhoun

Bare-It Tones
Naked Boys gains Denver exposure.
THURS, 9/22

What's better than naked boys? Naked Boys Singing!

Theatre on Broadway uncovers its latest jewel tonight, a chorus of bare-skinned men performing pop tunes. "There's really nothing offensive about it," says local director Steven Tangedal, noting that once audiences adjust to the abundance of birthday suits, "they forget about the nudity and listen to the songs."

With successful runs in New York, Chicago and Houston, the off-Broadway revue will expose Denverites eighteen years and older to a veritable skinphony. But Tangedal maintains that the production is more than just a meat market set to music; the performance also takes a comic turn in numbers such as "Naked Maid," a song about professional cleaning in the buff, and "Members Only," an ode to the various nicknames men give to, um, their members.

The curtain rises on a preview of Naked Boys Singing! at 7:30 p.m. at Theatre on Broadway, 13 South Broadway; the official undressing is September 30. For reservations, call 303-777-3292 or log on to -- Tuyet Nguyen