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Diamond Nights

Nearly every mention of Diamond Nights cites Thin Lizzy as a reference point, but the Brooklyn quartet's debut full-length, Popsicle, is more than just another retrogressive romp. The opener, "Destination Diamonds," for example, shares DNA with both Shudder to Think and Cheap Trick. Cocky castrato Morgan Phalen, hook-happy guitarist Rob Laakso, bassist Seth Rumsey and drummer Tim Traynor sound like they busted out the whip-its and Old Style as they deftly cobbled together riffs from the past three decades. From glam and power ballads to synth rock and prog, Diamond Nights has only one thing in mind: soundtracking your next kegger. Un-ironic, unapologetic cock-rockers like "Saturday Fantastic" and "Drip Drip" dance spastically next to synth-driven new-wavers like "The Girl's Attractive," while quieter numbers such as the jazzy "Snakey Ruth" and the introspective "Ordinary Life" have sincere, lighter-hoisting appeal. No smirks, no winks, just good music for good times. Time to trade in that iPod for an IROC: Diamond Nights came to party.