Second Helpings

Happy Meal

Unlike Aquarium -- the fish restaurant at the Downtown Aquarium (see review) -- Eat Street at the Denver Children's Museum is not serving any of its less successful exhibits for lunch. Nor did operators Jay and Emily Solomon (who also own the nearby Jay's Patio Cafe on 15th Street) feel the need to drop several million dollars to create a flashy, interactive, in-your-face "lunch experience" when all museum visitors want is a quick sandwich and maybe a morning latte. There's not much to Eat Street -- a few tables (both tall and kid-sized), walls done in primary colors, a simple counter where customers order and pick up their food. But that food is cheap, good and good for you: turkey sandwiches on whole-grain bread with bacon and guacamole; Tuscan mozzarella with pesto and roasted red peppers; roast beef with a surprising wasabi mayo; excellent black-and-white cookies. And all of it (including a nicely arranged and healthy kids' menu) is made fresh, fast and on the spot. Eat Street gives people a little more than they anticipated and charges them a little less than they would expect. In doing so, they prove that creating a decent attraction eatery can be child's play.