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Lez Zeppelin

That Guy -- you know, the one at the show who thinks it's funny to drunkenly bellow, "Play "Stairway to Heaven'!" -- is finally getting what's coming to him. His comeuppance will be delivered by Lez Zeppelin, who'll actually do it. This New York-based act proves that it's okay to be poseurs -- as long as you're a bunch of hot chicks that can wail -- and joins the likes of Hell's Belles, Mistress of Reality and Cheap Chick as an all-female tribute band that pays homage to big-dick rock music. Not to say that the original Led Zeppelin was a machismo arena act, by any means. Really, it seems only natural that four lanky boys with long hair would later be impersonated by four skinny girls with equally flowing tresses. So go ahead and dust off I IV, Houses of the Holy and the rest of the catalogue, because Lez Zep is going to shake you until you're dazed and confused.