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Adolescence is a scam, a pigeonhole chiseled out by sneaky shrinks and marketing strategists. Any sane human knows firsthand that sexuality starts far before puberty and that the need to pound beers and pop zits lasts way past pre-adulthood. Likewise, it'd be asinine to dismiss music of the Milkshakes as mere puerility. Granted, it's sloppy, out of tune and raw as a picked-off scab, but the pop-punk static made by singer/guitarist David McGhee and drummer Fez Guzman transcends age or era. Quoting everything from the Sex Pistols to F.Y.P. to the Thermals, the duo's debut, 7 Songs About People We Know, will be unveiled at a CD-release party on Thursday, February 2, at the hi-dive -- and the ten tracks (fuck math, right, guys?) convulse between temper tantrums, teen orgasms and dry heaves. You don't have to be a kid to like the Milkshakes -- just a hormone-driven, infatuated teenage cretin at heart.