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Good Clean Fun

Like the Lisa Frank of youth crew hardcore, Good Clean Fun is a pigtail braid of butterflies and unicorns. Formed back in 1997 as a means to bring back positivism to posi-core, the D.C. outfit is as much a parody band as Jon Stewart is a news anchor. The act is absolutely serious, but the Good Clean Fun boys have a keen sense of humor when it comes to a subculture full of floor punches and kick spins. Between Christian Rock and a Hard Place follows a successful 2004 reunion tour that finds the foursome more or less exactly where it started -- kicking out the jams of fast sing-along anthems and hilarious satire. And any band that can write an earnest tune of heartbreak titled "The Myspace Song" that achingly cries out "Tom, it's your fault/You created a monster" deserves a hug and a high-five. Good Clean Fun is everything the name implies -- and frankly, a little bit of sunshine and vegan straightedge never hurt anyone.