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The Hot House

Some local bands are like runaway trains, picking up steam as they rocket toward inevitable whatever. Most, though, stumble along in fits and starts, hamstrung by speed bumps like school, jobs, lineup changes and the simple struggle to get good. The Hot House began a couple years ago as a trio comprising bassist Bree Kutz, singer Allie Hale and drummer Sara Thurston, also known as the illustrious DJ Sara T. With a punky dance vibe that sounded like Peaches on a Gravy Train budget, Hot House was one of those proverbial "groups with potential." But the band took one step forward and two steps back last year with the conscription of guitarist Emily Jones (then of Tobias Jupiter, later the FlashBangs) -- which was soon followed by the departure of Thurston. Finally, the Hot House has returned, and if the MP3 of its new song, "Gemini," is any indication, the addition of Cowboy Curse drummer Erin Tidwell has added a whole new level of funk to the outfit's punky disco attack. The band's comeback show will take place on Friday, February 10, at the hi-dive, with Vulpes, Stab!Heart!Kiss!Kill!, party favors and latex-clad go-go dancers. With upcoming plans to tour and record its debut full-length, it looks like the Hot House at last has all cylinders firing.