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Jason Collett

Jason Collett is full of love, with nowhere to go. Like a wandering traveler ill-advised by Cupid, the Canadian-based singer-songwriter is a sentimental sap boarding a one-way train to Bummerville. But Collett's candy-heart tracks are better fitted as acoustic guitar pop than melodramatic Dashboard hype. Noted for his guitar work in indie breakout Broken Social Scene, Collett began developing his solo career well before joining the ranks of Toronto's eleven-piece supergroup. His first post-Scene effort, Idols of Exile, is a one-man project realized with a little help from his friends -- Emily Haines and James Shaw of Metric, Charles Spearin of Do Make Say Think and Leslie Feist of Feist/Broken Social Scene. Exile has a college-rock attitude but with a lyrical density that matures the record beyond its years. Extra instrumentation gives Collett's sound a fullness where it might have fallen into blankness. -- Nguyen