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Max Cavalera is an icon in the world of metal. As frontman for Brazilian legend Sepultura, he helped elevate thrash and death metal to new heights. Following his departure from that band, he founded Soulfly in 1998 and began anew, fearlessly incorporating programmed drums, keys and acoustic instrumentation into his already unique sound with such releases as Primative, III and Prophecy. The band's latest effort, 2005's Dark Ages, marked the return of heavier and more technical riffs, most likely a result of the addition of new guitarist Marc Rizzo. Cavalera's undeniable passion and fury are best experienced live, where his ability to work a crowd into a frenzy is unmatched. On stage, Soulfly bolsters its trademark heavy tribal vibe with a few cover songs, group percussion interludes and renditions of some older Sepultura tracks. With a newly remodeled Ogden Theatre as its backdrop, this should be a great show.