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Double Vision

The Veronicas are 21-year-old twin sisters out of Brisbane, Australia, who have been performing together since they were five. Just two years ago, Warner Bros./Sire signed Lisa and Jess Origliasso for an obscene amount of cash, with hopes of turning the girls into the next Ashlee Simpson or Kelly Clarkson. The sisters sing better than the former on their worst days and have to rely on their eerie, twin-powered harmonizing to sound as good as the latter on their best. Even so, the siblings have more sass, write better lyrics and rock a hell of a lot harder than the other two combined.

Westword: Can you still remember your first performance together?

Lisa Origliasso: It was doing a song-and-dance to the song "Do-Re-Mi." Jess picked her nose the whole performance, and I forgot the dance that consisted mainly of skipping.

So where did you get your name, the Veronicas?

Jess Origliasso: We grew up reading Archie comics, and we were very influenced by the character Veronica Lodge. We loved that she was a brat, loved to shop, etc.

Archie Comics Publications sued Warner Bros. Music Group to stop you two from using "The Veronicas," but both parties settled, agreeing to a cross-promotional deal. Do you think maybe Archie Comics needed you more than you needed them?

L: We loved Archie comics growing up, so were just blown away that they included us in their comic. It went beyond any dream we could have ever imagined.

When you heard WB was being sued over your name, did you want to laugh?

J: At the time, we were just excited that Archie Comics had heard of us.

Your deal with Warner Bros. is rumored to have been worth some $2 million, an Australian record for bands unknown overseas. How did you react to the label's showing such faith in you, and does that create any undo pressure for you two?

L: We don't feel any pressure. We just do our own thing and are very grateful for the faith that Warner and Sire have in us.

You lost Best Pop Video at the 2006 MTV Australian Music Video Awards to Ashlee Simpson, whom you're now opening for. Did you ever try to get back at her for that, by maybe stealing her eyeliner stores or leaving a dead cat in her tour bus?

J: We won the biggest award of the night, which was Video of the Year, so we didn't mind.

You both wrote on the majority of songs on your debut, The Secret Life of... How important was it for you to be part of that process?

L: Very important! We were signed as songwriters before we were as singers, so it's how we express ourselves and who we are. It's an insight into us.

Did you two ever freak out your producers and songwriter partners during the recording process with that always-creepy twin bond?

J: Yeah, I guess so. We would do the usual speaking-at-the-same-time things. We were always good at doubling each other's voices.