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Moist Boys

All over the map stylistically, the Sound of Urchin boasts dual stunt guitarists, à la Slayer, and champions cheesy hair metal, sugary pop, screeching thrash and classic rock. Frontman/drummer Tomato, bassist Doo Doo and axmen B-ill and Seahag might collectively worship at the altar of Thin Lizzy, but they're equally inspired by tie-dye, Dracula and old Popeye cartoons. Still touring in support of its sophomore effort, The Diamond, released last year, the act scored a recent slot on The Late, Late Show With Craig Ferguson and has managed to exchange gametes with a few metal greats. According to Tomato, the Urchin boys are also buds with Jack Black and the Brothers Ween.

Westword: How instrumental was Ween in getting the Sound of Urchin off the ground?

Tomato: Well, half of our band is from New Hope, where Ween is from. And when we started, Dean Ween took a liking to us and asked us to open up for them on this three-day New Year's tour. We were only five months old and had never played in front of that many people. We didn't know what they'd think of us, 'cause they're Ween fans, and they're gonna tell you if you suck or not. But we rocked 'em. Then Dean produced our first EP and introduced us to some people, which led to us getting signed by RCA. So Dean Ween is like our archangel.

Two of you guys play with him in the Moistboyz?

Yeah. Me and B-ill. It's funny, 'cause me and Seahag, our other guitarist, live in Brooklyn, and you'd figure there'd be a great music scene there. But I've found all of my friends and musicians in New Hope. That's the only place that I can see any good, organic music coming out of; they're not concerned with hipster trends. It's just about making music.

There aren't many bands that put the drummer front and center.

It gives us a different dynamic. I'm right up front, which is where every drummer wants to be anyway. There's nothing worse than being in the back and looking at three assholes in front of you. I love that anybody standing up front gets the bass drum right in their face.

You've opened for Public Enemy, Tenacious D and Ronnie James Dio. Any funny stories?

I don't even know if you can print this one, but we had a contest of whoever jerked off on their shirt first won fifty dollars, then forty, thirty, twenty, down the line. Not in the van, but in a bathroom, you know, or a rest stop. As a band, we agreed that we all had to do it at some point. Everyone found a different place. I did it on the balcony of the hotel. So it just happens we wore the shirts the night we met Dio. I actually hugged Ronnie James Dio with jizz all over my shirt! I mean, it was dried up. I'm short, but he came up to my neck. I didn't tell him. I guess I should've, but I was too awestruck.