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They're back. It'd be easy to call the members of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young dinosaurs, but that's not really fair. Dinosaurs are extinct; these guys are still alive and kicking. And with a catalogue of songs as great as theirs, sticking around is justified. Anthems like "Wooden Ships," "Our House" and "Ohio" have long since become part of our collective unconscious. For God's sake, their pedigree is more impressive than Prince William's. Two Denver shows weren't enough, so a third was added. Hell, CSNY probably could have added a fourth and fifth -- but that'd be downright greedy. Along with the golden greats, the act will also play songs from Neil Young's most recent album, Living With War. While it's not exactly a subtle record, it should be fun to sing along with the fellas as they play "Let's Impeach the President" to thunderous applause. Sometimes that which is most familiar is the most satisfying.