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Blame Tim Robbins. Sometime during Ronald Reagan's second-term nap, while recruiting talent at UCLA for his experimental Actors' Gang Theatre, the future Mr. Susan Sarandon introduced musician/hambone Kyle Gass to an obnoxious teenager named Jack Black. Now with goof-metal Tenacious D a household name, will the same hold true for Gass's Trainwreck? A raunchy, soul-raping novelty act that pokes fun at Southern rock sounds good on paper, like Duane Allman blowin' lunch at the Country Bear Jamboree. This is the age of irony, after all -- right down to the leather wrist bands and skunk-striped mullets. For Gass, who's splitting time between television writing, Texas Hold 'Em, BBQ pulled pork and the upcoming release of the Tenacious D film The Pick of Destiny, some Confederate-baiting nonsense seems right on schedule. Expect a live album soon, co-produced by Dust Brother John King. Boasting tunes such as "Rock (Responsibly)" and "Permanent Wood," this here runaway cannonball's on a collision course with white-trash Valhalla. Wreck-n-roll!