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DJ Logic

Bronx native Jason Kibler, aka DJ Logic, got his start spinning records at local community events in the '80s, where he quickly attracted the attention of Living Colour's Vernon Reid and a cast of others with his hip-hop and jazz-inflected beats. Logic has since added his signature grooves to hundreds of projects by a diverse array of artists. Some of those stints have been natural fits, such as his work with Mos Def, ?uestlove, Weather Report and Prince Paul, while others have seemed to, well, defy logic -- namely working with the likes Arlo Guthrie, Phish, B-52s and Buckethead. Although the DJ has collaborated with a Dangermouse-like prolificacy over the years, his contribution to Medeski, Martin and Wood's Combustication in 1998 is what truly earned him acclaim. Right now, Logic (who'll be performing as part of Banyan) is at the top of his game. Listening to his latest effort, The Zen of Logic, it's clear that he has absorbed bits and pieces from all his past endeavors and melded them into his own unique brand.