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The Natural

No baseball fan who knows a sinker from a slider believes the grand old game should ever be played indoors -- curses on your garbage-bag outfield "wall," Minnesota Twins; good riddance, Houston Astrodome -- and it sometimes rankles the purest of the pure that they must watch even a televised game within the four walls of a living room or saloon. Rejoice, then, true believers: This week, one of the finest baseball movies ever made, The Natural, will be shown in its natural habitat -- the great out-of-doors. Starring Robert Redford as novelist Bernard Malamud's mythical slugger Roy Hobbs, this 1984 classic is all about corruption, personal redemption and towering home runs that shatter the light standards high above the field. Magical realism on the diamond, anyone?

The Natural screens Friday, August 18, in the Stapleton Under the Stars film series at Founders Green Amphitheatre, East 29th Avenue in the Town Center. Pre-show entertainment is at 7 p.m., and the movie begins around 8; admission is free. For more information, call 303-382-1800 or go to