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John Fogerty

Singer/guitarist John Fogerty has long been regarded as one of rock and roll's patron saints. Although Creedence Clearwater Revival, the act he fronted, imploded four years after issuing its inaugural effort, Fogerty was seen as the voice of the workingman. After bitterly splitting with his brother Tom in 1971 and parting ways with the remaining members of CCR in 1972, Fogerty found himself trapped in a less-than-favorable situation with Fantasy Records, which insisted that it owned all of the publishing rights to his songs. Outside of issuing The Blue Ridge Rangers in 1973 and an eponymous album in 1975, he became a recluse. He resurfaced in the mid-'80s with a pair of solo albums but refused to play Creedence songs in public, with the exception of an appearance at a 1987 benefit for Vietnam vets in which he performed CCR tunes with Neil Young. Not even Creedence's 1993 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame could persuade him to perform with the band. Last year, though, The Long Road Home anthology was released by Fantasy, marking the end of Fogerty's three-decade-long feud.