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A Shoreline Dream

A Shoreline Dream is a hate-'em-or-love-'em proposition. Listeners who prefer music that's solid and straightforward are likely to see Avoiding the Consequences as wankier than the Ben Stiller pipe-cleaning scene in There's Something About Mary. But listeners with an affinity for atmospheric vibes should dig the disc, whose release is being celebrated on October 6 at the hi-dive.

"Love Is a Ghost in America" exemplifies the Dreamers' sonic signature; Ryan Policky moans evocative, studio-enhanced phrases over repetitive guitar figures, protracted drones and spectral harmonies. The group tinkers with this formula at times, holding the vocals until the last thirty seconds of "Laying This One Down Now," for instance, or layering "Hook Echo" with found sounds. Overall, though, the album feels less like a collection of songs than a single composition -- a long, occasionally strange trip to inner space.

The journey isn't for everyone. But those willing to trade immediate gratification for deeper pleasures are bound to enjoy the ride.