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Wooden Wand

So if psychedelic folk is the coming trend in music, then Wooden Wand should be the next Kill Rock Stars fluffer in line to goad the big, fat hard-ons of the industry's elite tastemakers. Wooden Wand, aka James Toth (who is also sometimes labeled as Wooden Wand Jehovah), carries the San Francisco folkie movement in his knapsack and spreads its groovy-love-take-drugs melodious inspirations to any who will take him up on the offer. The vagrant Wand, now based loosely in Knoxville, Tennessee, traveled from shore to shore, picking up bandmates and friends to form his current musical accompaniment, the Sky High Band; the group recently released its first KRS effort, Second Attention, which is minimalist, amplified acoustic psych. Anchored by idealistic sentiment and experimental folk, Wand and his mates should be able to hold steady to their tambourine-loving values long after the wave of jerk-off critics has come and gone.