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The Dixie Dregs

What happens when a bunch of Southern rockers from Augusta, Georgia, collide with Yes in a head-on train wreck? The Dixie Dregs. Formed in the late '60s, the Dregs -- originally known as Dixie Grit -- mixed a heady blend of progressive jazz fusion with classical overtones and Allman Brothers-like boogie blues. Combining down-home fiddle romps, thundering bass riffs, giant keyboard/ organ fills, electronic effects and massively over-the-top guitars, prog had never sounded so, well, Southern before -- or since. Alternating smoothly between heavy and breezy rock, back-porch jams and arena-rock anthems, the Dregs are led by guitar maestro and G3 Tour alum Steve Morse. The act's sole original member, Morse splits his time with the Steve Morse Band, which -- no doubt to the delight of guitar enthusiasts in the crowd -- will also appear on this Friday's bill.