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Tom Heinl

Tom Heinl's music is either inspired kitsch or demented satire. Like Gene and Dean Ween (a pair of admirable oddballs to whom he's often compared) on their 12 Country Greats album, Heinl takes a twisted approach to classic country. An offbeat mixture of Hank Sr., Tom Waits and campy lounge tunes, Heinl's songs sound like the product of one too many nights hanging out in all-night diners, drinking coffee until the sun comes up while contemplating the glory and mystery of trailer-park life. Is Heinl at all serious? Doesn't matter, really. A cosmic jester, he's got a sense of humor that recalls the masterwork of Andy Kaufman. Turning the pop world on its ear, he offers a welcome skewed take on everything people hold dear. You may be right: Heinl may be crazy. But then again, he just may be the lunatic you're looking for.