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El Vez

Want some well-done, socially relevant music? If so, you'd better skip the El Vez show at the Bluebird. On the other hand, if what you want is the laugh-till-you-pee type of musical entertainment, then put your butt in the front row at El Vez's show. Don't know El Vez? He's a Mexican Elvis impersonator (think Pee-wee Herman with a better hairdo and an accent). In between hosting the Miss Exotic World competition with Margaret Cho, officiating at weddings (including the one between pregnant Japanese burlesque queen Ero Chi Ca and British chef Aldus), selling his Graciasland CD and touring with his Mi Punk Rock Revue, El Vez manages to put on his own show, during which he brings Chicano history alive for audiences through Elvis songs. I'm not sure why he does that, much less how, but I do know it's funny as hell and surprisingly musical. (Hey, lighten up -- it's the holidays!) Expect a sneak peek at his Very Merry Mex-Mas Show.