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Oxford Collapse

Guitarist/vocalist Michael Pace, bassist/vocalist Adam Rizer and drummer Dan Fetherston, known collectively as Oxford Collapse, don't sound like every other buzz band that's emerged from Brooklyn over the past several years. Instead, they recall far-flung buzz bands from days gone by on Remember the Night Parties, their debut for the Sub Pop imprint. The disc spotlights a slew of styles: artsy droning ("He'll Paint While We Play"), ringing guitar rock ("Please Visit Your National Parks"), throwback indie jangling ("Loser City"), expansive post-punk expressionism ("Return of I Burno") and more. These tunes establish the good taste of Pace and company, since they consistently evoke assorted underground and cult acts from the '80s, '90s and the more recent past, all of which remain critically beloved to this day. The next step -- subsuming such influences into a wholly original approach -- is more difficult, of course. But at least Oxford Collapse has managed to burrow beyond its own borough.