2007 Artopia Participants

The Designers

Betsey Johnson
This New York fashion icon has been designing her signature over-the-top dresses since Edie Sedgwick was her house model at Andy Warhol's Factory. See what she's got in store for spring 2007!

Equillibrium Clothing
Deb Henriksen (below) has her heart in skate and the environment, and that shows in her fashions. Everything is eco-sensitive and durable for those days on a board. But she also has a feminine side that comes out in her latest collection.

Lynne Bruning

Lynne Bruning's couture creations are Playa-worthy and ballroom-ready. Don't miss the surprises under the black light.

The Fabric Lab
With more than fifty local designers represented inside the Fabric Lab, owner Tran Wills had plenty to choose from when putting together the quintessential Denver collection. Here's what she thinks will be hot in the upcoming months.

Mister Neat¹s
Man does not live by tuxedos alone, and Mister Neat's now offers so much more. Don't miss the runway debut of the new club-wear line.

Hair and makeup provided by:
Vain Salon
Glow Agency

The Musicians

Future Jazz Project
This act takes a jazzy, flavorful approach to hip-hop that features impeccable playing and a surfeit of soul.

Jonathan Byerley
This singer's warm, languid baritone imbues his folks songs with a sense of timelessness.

Meese (above) makes literate, piano-driven pop that conjures Death Cab for Cutie with Paul Simon behind the wheel.

Melissa Fuller
With a smile that recalls Brittany Murphy and songs with crossover appeal, Melissa Fuller is turning heads in Nashville.

The Artists

Borrillo Entertainment
The night gets sassy under the black lights when Borrillo starts body painting.

Lumina Fire Troupe
Any performance by the Lumina Fire Troupe is bound to be illuminating, with hypnotic spinning and bravado in the face of flames.

Magnet Mafia
Those hand-painted art magnets on the streets of Denver are the works of the Magnet Mafia. They'll display all their magnetic qualities tonight -- and unveil a surprise, 64-square-foot magnet canvas.

Motion Underground
At Vinyl, Motion Underground Dance Company will display its flashiest hip-hop, jazz and break moves. Don't try these at home!

Object + Thought
Upper Larimer Street's hotbed of cultural dialogue and creative interaction loves to push artistic boundaries.

This talented duo combines retro burlesque with athleticism, rope, hoop, trapeze and fabric dance.

Patrick Eul
This local artist knows how to mix a good martini with a little paint to create strong graphic images. Drink up!

Photo Martini Club
Three years old and more than 300 members strong, the Photo Martini Club is a photographic force. Members regularly photograph their individual interpretations of a common theme; watch what develops when they take on "Artopia."

Scattered Arts Collective
You never know what kind of artistic craziness you'll get with the Scattered Arts Collective, which gathers creative types from all mediums and pushes its work out into unexpected venues.