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There's a good chance the Lord of Word is on his way to becoming the Lord of Dance. And, no, we're not talking some Riverdance bullshit. You see, Theo Smith, who for seven years fronted the seminal Denver funk band Lord of Word and the Disciples of Bass, is trying to get peeps dancing again. But instead of dropping the heavy rhymes on the mike, DJ Hottness (his new moniker) is cooking up beats on the turntables, spinning the kind of stuff that always made him dance: house music. Be it funky house or old-school Chicago house, Smith is hoping to get bodies moving.

"You're gonna get pretty much everything, in a dance-music kind of sense," Smith says. "You're gonna get some down-tempo, some up-tempo, some funk -- all that stuff. We wanna get people out dancing again, as opposed to people just coming to the club looking at ass and whatever. I mean, that's what everybody does. Dudes just do not dance anymore. How come y'all don't dance anymore?"

Smith teamed up with Eric Bernal, a DJ and producer since 1991, and DJ Scott Karr to form Skyline Productions, and the trio's first event, Sweet, went down at the 3 Kings Tavern last month. On Wednesday, March 28, they'll get the Sweet party started at the Loft (821 22nd Street at Champa), a club that's a bit more conducive to booty-shakin'. And since that's also Smith's birthday, you might see the Lord grab the mike and MC over some laptop beats from Bernal or some vinyl spun by Karr. If things go well at the Loft, the crew hopes to turn Sweet into a monthly dance party.