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Justin Moyer has more musical personas than Lindsay Lohan has failed trips to rehab. He previously split his time between Supersystem, an electro-combo he led as crazy/cool rocker Justin Destroyer, and Edie Sedgwick, a bizarre solo project inspired by the Warhol-era "It" girl, whom he channeled while wearing makeup and a brunette wig. Now, however, he's just plain Justin Moyer, albeit in yet another group: Antelope, a trio featuring rhythm-section mates Bee Elvy and Mike Andre, plus Moyer on guitar and vocals. Produced by alterna-icon Ian MacKaye and issued by the venerable Dischord imprint, Reflector, the group's latest CD, is more straight-faced than the aforementioned projects thanks to brittle post-punk arrangements presented with spareness and simplicity. Indeed, Moyer's goofy side is absent from the likes of "Contraction" and "Mirroring," which layer deadpan singing over jittery grooves. Is this another pose? Probably -- but Moyer, whose band is joined at the Lounge by May Riots and Orwellian Math, is worth hearing, no matter who he's supposed to be on any given night.