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Ari Hoenig Punk Bop Trio

Ari Hoenig may be an explosive, heavy-handed madman on a drum kit, but he's equally at home swinging lightly on a ballad or plunging into the outer extremes of an avant-jazz excursion. Hoenig is one of the more innovative drummers to come along since Joey Baron -- hell, the guy can even coax a melody out of a kit by rubbing his elbow up and down on the snare and tom heads to change their pitch. It's probably not the kind of thing he was doing in the mid-'90s, when he was gigging around New York City with the legendary organist Shirley Scott, but jazz luminaries such as Joe Lovano, Kenny Werner and Pat Martino obviously knew what kind of fireworks Hoenig was capable of when they tapped him to gig and record with them. This weekend, Hoenig will be joined at Dazzle by outstanding Israeli guitarist Gilad Hekselman and deft bassist Johannes Weidenmueller. Should be electrifying.