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DJ Shadow

In the 1990s, DJ Shadow (aka Josh Davis) revolutionized turntablism and distinguished himself as the illest sample-slinger in the West. His subsequent contributions to film scores and supergroup projects cemented his reputation as the dark lord of ambient breakbeats and trippy electronica. Unfortunately, key parts of his musical identity got lost in those dark clouds of heady dance music. Shadow set out to remedy that with last year's startling The Outsider. A diverse group of co-conspirators -- from the crunktastic David Banner to glitch-indie rockers Kasabian -- joined the DJ to produce a truly eclectic mixtape that redefined his image. While the resulting hodgepodge turned off some narrow-minded fans, it also grabbed new ears that might otherwise have written him off. On this tour, Shadow whips up the perfect storm of bad-ass beats, evocative samples and dark melodies from his capacious crates, transforming his turntables into an orchestra, a rock band and a dance machine with dexterous deck work and fleet-fingered funk.