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Young Galaxy

Young Galaxy could easily be pegged as yet another dreamy space-rock band. But instead of opting for the distorted, frayed tones favored by many groups mining similar territory, the act aims more for the bright-edged grandeur (and borderline sappiness) of Secret Migration-era Mercury Rev. Formed by ex-Stars guitarist Stephen Ramsay and his girlfriend, Catherine McCandless (who opted to remain with Stars as well), Young Galaxy is both uplifting and exhilarating, qualities that lend themselves easily to the live setting. With contributions from like-minded players from the Dears and Broken Social Scene, the act's self-titled debut inspires the same type of tranquil introspection that inspired the band in the first place. Soak in that cosmic tranquility when Galaxy performs songs from the record this Tuesday at the Lounge with Nathan & Stephen, Bela Karoli and The Life There Is.