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The Ohsees

As the frontman for the gritty, visceral Coachwhips, John Dwyer whipped crowds into a frenzy. With the Ohsees, he's slowed the pace considerably, from a breathless sprint to a crawl. Sucks Blood, the outfit's most recent disc, is a drony, reverb-drenched, tremolo-laden psych-folk excursion that conjures the boozed-up ghost of Patsy Cline sitting in for Nico with a codeine-addled Velvet Underground. Originally known as Orinoka Crash Suite (OCS), the Ohsees began as a Coachwhips side project, a vehicle for Dwyer to release his experimental home recordings. Over the course of five albums, he eventually expanded the project into a full-time band. More languid and less noisy than its predecessors, Blood is the type of record that — with an infusion of thoughtfully placed crackly white noise — you could easily see playing in the background of some creepy grindhouse flick.