Tease and Thank You

In the entire Peel and Play Presentations universe, no man is luckier than Bob. That's because during every learn-to-strip-dance workshop — whether it's a drunken bachelorette party or an intimate private consultation — Naomi Tepper uses Bob as a sort of stand-in prop to teach women all the moves necessary to "bring out their little sex kittens," as Tepper puts it. In "The Queen's Wave," for example, women bend over at the waist and wave their asses the same way the Queen of England would wave her arm. And in "Boobs on Bob," women find Bob's knees, slide their hands up his thighs and put their breasts on his chest, frontal-lap-dance style. Unfortunately for single guys across the Front Range and willing male props everywhere, Bob's job isn't up for grabs.

"Bob is our invisible man of the hour," Tepper admits. "For as many of my guy friends who have volunteered for the position, I don't think my girls would be comfortable if he wasn't fake."

A self-described "champion of female sexuality," Tepper teaches women how to seductively remove their own clothing and confidently "Stir the Pot" in order to make them more comfortable with their own bodies. "I try to get these women excited about what they love about themselves," Tepper says. "One of the main lessons I go through is, 'Either get on it or get off it.' Confidence is like an airbrush — it conceals all your imperfections. I think changing your mental outlook is really important before you're going to embrace your physical and sexual self. I don't even care if they take it to their partner or not. But if they do take it to their partner, they're going to feel so confident and sexy that their partner is going to enjoy it no matter what."

For the past nine months, Tepper — who is the proprietor of Miss Vixen Enterprises and runs the erotic website www.oystersandchocolate.com — has been conducting her no-nudity workshops across Colorado, to rave reviews. And while the vox populi may not necessarily approve, Tepper knows what she does makes a difference. "At every single party, there's one girl who's been dragged there by her friends and who obviously doesn't want to be there. So to warm up, I ask everyone to tell me their stripper name and whether or not they've ever performed a striptease before. The uncomfortable girl will inevitably end up either totally enjoying herself or, sometimes, she'll be the most raucous one there."

Get more information about private Peel and Play presentations and Tepper's impending erotic empire at www.learnstripdance.com.
Starts: Jan. 21. Daily, 2007