To the IMAX

I was thirteen the first time I saw the IMAX screen. I walked into the theater, ready to watch Africa: The Serengeti with my classmates and immediately felt overwhelmed by the vast ocean of white. I tried to picture how many regular movie screens could fit into this monstrosity and failed. And when I left the theater, I felt as though I had actually visited Africa for 39 minutes or so.

Perhaps you've got a different personal favorite. You might have preferred Everest, the true story of a team of climbers who stood atop the planet's tallest mountain. Then again, Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure is another spectacular true story of survival. I know some people who favored Seasons and its journey through a year accompanied by Vivaldi's Four Seasons. If I felt like gazing at Earth from space, I might go for Blue Planet — although the evidence of human damage can be depressing. I always enjoy a trip underwater, too, and Dolphins lets me tag along with a marine biologist.

Still, as much as you or I may love these films, they just aren't the same on your television — no matter how big, flat-screened and hi-def it is. So once the theater run is over, you have to cope with the fact that you might never see your favorite IMAX entertainment on your local IMAX screen again. It's enough to break your heart.

Well, not if the Denver Museum of Nature & Science has anything to say about it. They asked visitors what their favorite IMAX films were, gathered the top six finalists and organized them into the IMAX Film Festival. What are you waiting for? The festival started on January 1, at the museum, 2001 Colorado Boulevard, and runs through March 15. Each film screens every day, so you can watch all of them if you want to. Visit for showtimes and tickets, or call 303-322-7009 for more information.
June 22-Oct. 4, 2007