Star Wreck

"We kept saying we'd do Star Trek meets The Love Boat, and it's not quite that, but it did start as a joke that we all kind of stayed with." That's how Buntport Theater's Evan Weissman describes the origins of Starship Troy, Season Two: Off Duty, the biweekly live sitcom performed every other Tuesday and Wednesday at Buntport Theater, 717 Lipan Street.

Continuing through April 23, the wackiest crew in the galaxy takes off to seek out less-than-intelligent life. These galactic garbage collectors will be tough to pin down from week to week, because their adventures depend heavily on you. When viewers walk in, they're asked to suggest some type of artwork (a song, a book, a film or a painting, for example) that will provide inspiration for the next episode. Also, audience members will be beamed up for short-lived Ensign McCoy roles.

"The reason we did a sitcom is to show people who normally don't go to the theater that you can get really good shows homegrown — meaning it doesn't have to be beamed in from L.A.," notes Weissman. Tickets range from $5 to $7; for more information, call 720-946-1388 or go to
Every other Tuesday, Wednesday, 8 p.m. Starts: Oct. 23. Continues through April 23, 2007