Compact Disc Players

Disc golf is the perfect poor student's sport — the friendly competition of "ball golf" without the high-priced equipment. The first course was installed at the University of California at Berkeley in 1970, and most of the courses are still near colleges (like the picturesque School of Mines course tucked up into the hills above Golden). As generations of students left school but declined to leave their passion for disc golf behind, the popularity of the sport spread. There are several suburban courses in the metro area, from the nine holes at Ken Caryl — known as the "Postage Stamp" because of its tight layout — to the eighteen at Expo Park in Aurora. Denver was never as lucky…until now.

Denver Parks + Recreation just completed the three-year-long project of turning Paco Sanchez Park, the hilly piece of open space that runs west from Federal Boulevard along 12th and 13th avenues, into a two-mile long, eighteen-hole course. Now even urban disc golfers have a place where they can gather up a foursome and throw a few baskets-in-one.

For more information on area disc golf courses, visit the Disc Golf Club of Denver site,
Starts: Aug. 26. Daily, 2004