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Boulder has long been known for spawning talented musical acts — and then inspiring them to move on to more welcoming climates. Maybe Chairlift didn't exactly flee the People's Republic seeking musical asylum, but it did relocate to Brooklyn. To call the act indie rock or synth pop is to miss entirely the richness and depth of its music. While the outfit's music is certainly indie- and pop-oriented, it's far too eclectic to be nailed down by any specific designation. At times, Chairlift recalls a more measured Yaz; at others, it's as though Anne Dudley of Art of Noise is behind the scenes, offering up tastefully subtle beat and tone suggestions. Overall, the group favors a remarkably unadorned sound, with simple melodies and vocals that are at once playful and matter-of-fact. This unassuming approach is effective primarily because you get the sense that this band isn't out to wow listeners with excessive chops or explosive emotionalism.