Into the Labyrinth

Everyone has a handful of movies they watched over and over and over when they were young. Mine were The Neverending Story and Labyrinth — you know, that flick with Jim Henson's weird and wild puppets, David Bowie playing Jareth the sinister Goblin King, and Jennifer Connelly as Sarah, a teenager disgruntled with the amount of time and attention lavished on her baby brother, Toby. To this day, I can recite the entire movie by heart. Including the songs.

So imagine my sheer, unadulterated joy when I heard that not only has Labyrinth been digitally remastered and restored, but it's also playing at our very own Starz FilmCenter at the Tivoli! My one and only chance to see my very favorite movie of all time on the big screen starts tonight and runs through July 12. Tickets are $5.75 to $8.75; for showtimes and other information, visit