Letters to the Editor

"The Beautiful Game," Adam Cayton-Holland, July 5

Game On!

What happened? Did Adam Cayton-Holland run out of hipsters to make fun of?

Whatever — I'm glad he turned his attention to the African Community Center soccer team. Theirs is a really remarkable story, and very inspirational. Denver's hipsters could learn something from these brave refugees who wound up in Denver through no choice of their own. It appears that Adam did.
Hilary Manning

"The Beautiful Game" was very appropriate reading on the Fourth of July. It showed America at its best, welcoming refugees from other lands — and then finding a way to make them all feel at home. Beautiful, indeed.
Huey Lee

Great story. Only one thing: I am skeptical that the girls playing soccer were wearing burkas. Perhaps Adam Cayton-Holland is thinking hijab, which is the traditional head scarf?
Lauren Gelfand

"A Tear in My Beer," Patricia Calhoun, June 28

Another Round

Regarding all the letters published in last week's issue about ladies' night:
Geoff Jordan: Calhoun's mocking tone is indeed justified; your letter proves the point. If in fact bars hosted a "men's night, white people's night, blond people's night," etc., no ladies would show up. You ignorant fucking moron. The whole point of ladies' night is for guys to get laid. How is that discriminatory?

To Steve Cruz: I'm anti-feminist. Not because of divorce court, but because of child-support court. The State of Oklahoma says I owe this much, and the Sate of Colorado says I owe that much. And each agency comes up with a different set of figures every ninety days. And this all happens while I'm current on my child-support payments. But that's a different rant. Who the hell cares what women think about his rant and lawsuits? The key here is that women control 75 percent of all the money and 100 percent of all the pussy. End of argument, dipshit.

To Martin Riddle: Stay in San Diego. We don't fucking want you here. You and your kind are what is so wrong with Colorado. Keep your opinions to yourself. Having worked "downtown," I like having a Curves on every corner. I could care less if any gym has a "Men Only" session. The So Cal-led double standard is a figment of your imagination.

And finally, to Name Withheld Upon Request: Yes, ladies' night is a way for you to make up for the 23 to 54 percent difference. You don't pay for drinks, we men do. And we pay for all your cover charges. And your drinks. And your breakfast. And your drinks. And the condoms. And your drinks. And the room. And your drinks. Get it?

Steve Horner is a moron. He typifies many of the ills that afflict this great nation: "Something is wrong, and someone must pay." You dumbasses who get your opinions from Fox News deserve what you get. But I will be damned if I'll let you inflict your lack of intelligence on me.
James G. Ayling

I've restrained myself for too long. Steve Horner's fifteen court filings of fame must be just about up. Your readers should know something else about him other than his litigious nature. In late March he phoned me to comment on a letter regarding gay rights that I wrote which was published in the Denver Post. After cheerfully inquiring as to "are you the ...who wrote, etc." and getting an affirmative response, he said: "I just had to call to tell you that it's a shame you live such a deviant and depraved lifestyle." In a subsequent phone message, he referred to me as a "girly man" who should get back to the kitchen where girls belong. It's time to do the worst that can be done to him: Ignore him.
Stephen Crout

Editor's note: Would that we could. Westword will be seeing Steve Horner in court next month because of one of those filings. In the meantime, letter-writers be warned: Stephen Crout is not the only one to report a dialed-in diatribe. The letter writer who requested that her name be withheld last week did so because she, too, was the recipient of a call from Horner after her letter on a subject unrelated to ladies' night (not that there is such a thing, as far as Horner is concerned) was published in Westword.

Letters to the Editor, July 5

Modern Times

I was shocked to see that anyone would suggest dropping This Modern World. I laugh out loud nearly every time. It's the first thing I read. And it's always dead on. Keep This Modern World!
Paul Leone