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Cars Will Burn

Noise as an art form has been embraced in basements, garages and warehouses ever since Russolo's 1913 "Art of Noises" manifesto and Schoenberg's "Emancipation of Dissonance" proclamation. Philadelphia-based artist Mark Price is helping secure the movement's future with his homemade noise-generating devices. Price drives his current vehicle, appropriately named Cars Will Burn, into a fiery metal inferno, leaving listeners caught like deer in the headlights. Price describes his sound as "your happiest moment times one hundred, right next to your worst memory times one thousand." Minds and speakers will surely melt when he crashes into Rhino this Thursday. If the sound becomes too much to bear, you can always go outside to watch the neighbors banging their heads against the alley walls. Like any good car crash, you know you need that guilty glimpse.