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Nick Terranova

There's nothing better on a sweltering summer night than a set of steamy, sexed-up house music. The heat, the sweat and the sense of freedom summer inspires all work together to bring out the hedonist in everyone. And if house music isn't about hedonism, what's the point? House specialist Nick Terranova trades in what he calls "electribe," a wonderfully nasty mix that sounds like squelchy electro having sleazy, cocaine-fueled pick-up sex with tribal house in a Miami club's VIP lounge bathroom. His production work, under the name Starkillers, epitomizes the sound. On "Discoteka" and other recent tracks, a sultry-voiced chanteuse delivers sordid come-ons while chubby, filter-swept sub-bass groans against layers of tribal percussion. The results are hot, if a little campy, and make a perfect soundtrack for sweaty dance-floor hookups.