Chill Out

It's hard to believe that pink ceramic penguins and fuzzy hyper-colored landscape paintings could contribute to a topic as weighty as global warming. But that's exactly what's happening at Glacial: Works by Timothy Berg and Bob Koons, which opens tonight at 6 p.m. at Ironton Studios, 3636 Chestnut Place. According to Berg, "In this exhibit, I'll be equating polar ice to Popsicles, transforming this delicious treat into a potent trope for human desire and consumption. I am interested in creating a tension between what is amusing and what is grave."

In other words, let Al Gore tell people what to think, because Koons and Berg are only interested in the idea that people need to think (even if they have to be tricked into it with Popsicles). Along with Berg's penguins, Koons's digitized landscape paintings are inspired by photos of the Titanic's infamous iceberg and drawings from the Franklin Expedition. Says Koons: "I became interested in digital art and digital processes and started thinking about using that as a filter to bring landscape art into the contemporary realm. Although some of this exhibit is tongue-in-cheek, it continues an important dialogue about whether global warming is valid and real."

The show runs through August 18; call 303-297-8626 or go to