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Across Tundras

It's been less than a year since Dark Songs of the Prairie, Across Tundras' most recent full-length, swept into stores — but the band's already readying a successor. Full Moon Blizzard, an EP available through the act's MySpace page, includes demos of three tracks slated for the next recording, plus a pair of curios that find Tanner Olson and friends exploring the crossroads of traditional folk and modern atmospherics.

High fidelity isn't the disc's raison d'être: The liner notes boast that the guitar sounds were captured using "a microphone found in the trash." Nevertheless, the outfit's energy radiates through the murk on the power-chord showcase "Razorwire Blues" and the appropriately monikered "Thunderclap Stomp," both of which constitute promising raw material. "Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie" and "Phantom Ride" are similarly rough, but this primitivism gives their Old West themes an appropriately eerie vibe.

The real storm is coming. But Blizzard will do for now.