Running for Water

I can't be bothered to run. I feel embarrassed while I increase my pace; it brings back traumatic memories of high school gym class. So when I see people who do run, and do it gracefully, I look up to these people. And when people run for a cause, there is just that much more admiration.

Today the Blue Planet Run makes its way through Denver on a path to run the entire world to spread the message that people across the earth need safe drinking water. The run, which started on June 1 in New York City, has seen twenty international runners doing ten-mile sprints in relays, 24 hours a day, with plans to eventually log 15,200 miles.

The baton will be passed today at 10 a.m. in Confluence Park, 2200 15th Street. If you're a non-runner like me, you can come for the activities that are aimed at educating and entertaining the locals. For more information or to trace the path of the runners, visit