Community Unity

When I think of gospel tent shows and ice-cream socials, I think of small-town America, places where community actually means something, where everyone knows your name and is willing to share their hot-fudge sundae with you. Or at least tell you where you can get your own.

The downside of this kind of small-town life is that diversity is hard to come by. Or is it? Today's KGNU annual Gospel Tent Show & Ice Cream Social is combining the best of all worlds: independent community radio meets gospel spirituality meets sweet treats. You can't lose!

"It'll just be a rollicking good time," confirms KGNU's community relations coordinator Joanne Cole. "Glacier Homemade Ice Cream in Boulder will provide us with sundaes and scoops," she adds, "and we also plan on passing the hat like we do in church — all benefiting KGNU community radio, independent media for Denver, Boulder and beyond."

So bring your friends, some pocket money for the ice cream and hat, and your dancing shoes. Local gospel groups Bishop G.M. Wilson and the Heavenly Echoes, Madame W.M. Andrews, Toby Tenenbaum and his Shapenote Singers, Clay Kirkland and Rex Peeples and the Faithful Gospel Singers will all be present to raise their voices. Stop by KGNU in Boulder, 4700 Walnut Street, from 4 to 6 p.m.; for information visit or call 303-449-4885.
Tue., Aug. 19, 4-6 p.m., 2008