Beer With Balls

There is something inherently wrong with putt-putt golf: There is usually no beer involved. Apparently, putt-putt course owners don't like to serve booze because of the young clientele that frequents their establishments. Once again, my right to being healthily inebriated is infringed upon in the name of family values.

But then came the 2007 Pub & Putt Classic, a bar crawl/putt-putt golf course that aligns my two loves for an afternoon of bliss. Tee-off starts today at 11 a.m., with several bars in LoDo offering their own challenging hole for putters. The golfing continues until 5 p.m., when an after-party ensues at Delaney's, 1805 Blake Street, and prizes are given for most creatively dressed and best player. For more information and course layout, log onto
Sat., Aug. 18