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Subhumans (U.K.)

The Sex Pistols gave anarchy a headline and a splashy photo, then left it to the caustic Crass to do the research and provide the content. Subhumans then took that message and packaged it into a more palatable form — not unlike the Pistols — spinning parables, with typical dry British humor, in a common language of bombs, corrupt governments, humanoid underground dwellers and lonely match girls. Dick Lukas's brisk, snotty delivery is familiar to fans of Citizen Fish, whose political ska punk he's been propagating since 1990, along with Subs drummer Trotsky and guitarist Phil. Now, after two decades, the guys have picked up the old Subhumans banner for Internal Riot, due out on the band's own Bluurg imprint early next month. Culture dealt with the shock of punk by absorbing the impact into its own body. Likewise, Subhumans are accepted and revered as surely as fellow anarchist Guy Fawkes.