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Telefon Tel Aviv

Telefon Tel Aviv spoons up heaping portions of warm, soothing synth tones over light, crisp breakbeats and blippy, chirping percussive sounds. Along the way, the act touches on some light classical influences and a hint of the soulful, synthetic R&B that's become such a big part of the chill-out sound over the past decade. The net product comprises bits of ambient techno, down-tempo lounge and old-school Warp IDM. Closer listening reveals a depth of production and musical ideas that aren't always present in the genre, but there's nothing too jarring or challenging here: Aphex Twin this ain't. It's a mixture that merges into a pretty, blissed-out stoner symphony just engaging enough to nod your head to as your brain and body wind down from a night of hard partying. Telefon Tel Aviv (due at the Boulder Theater this Friday, September 7) isn't creating the most original or groundbreaking sound you'll ever hear, but it's smooth, well-executed and at least throws enough new flavors into a familiar, comfortable sound to keep things from becoming totally derivative.