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Magik Markers

Magik Markers, originally from Hartford, Connecticut, caught the ear of Thurston Moore, who invited the three-piece to join Sonic Youth on its 2004 tour. After that, Moore released the act's debut, I Trust My Guitar, Etc... on his Ecstatic Peace imprint. The Markers' original sound evoked no wave's tortured, abrasive catharsis with distorted and otherworldly washes. When founding bassist Leah Quimby left the band in 2006, the remaining members decided to continue on as a duo and began to develop a more dreamily melodic sound. Without veering from the Markers' penchant for emotional exorcism, singer Elisa Ambroglio turned in a vocal performance on Boss, the outfit's latest, that's filled with fewer thorns and broken glass than previous efforts. Yet her voice is still as cutting as ever. If anything, the group has sharpened its sound while creating more expansive atmospheres. Catch Magik Markers' signature mélange of razor-wire bliss with Dream Wig, Motheater and Early Adaptors this Sunday at Rhinoceropolis.