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From the opening cut of Wake-Up Time, Iuengliss's latest effort, the act invokes the feeling of rising on a sunny day in early spring, after the snows have subsided and the burning heat of the summer is still weeks away. Fittingly titled, the disc captivates the imagination while simultaneously refreshing the mind and rejuvenating the spirit with its meticulously crafted, gently cascading rhythms. Filled with hope, goodwill and a sense of wonderment at life's intriguing little mysteries and simple joys, Wake-Up effectively recalls Sigur Rós's most beautiful moments — only with lyrics sung in English rather than Hopelandic. It's not all fluffy clouds and infinite horizons here, though, as evidenced by Ian Haywood's shadowy guitar work on songs such as "The Chance." But overall, Iuengliss makes a bold, affectionately convincing case that it's a great time to be alive.>