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The Daily Afflictions

"Prescription Kills," one of the catchier tunes on the Daily Afflictions' new CD, Dive On In, pivots on the phrase "blah, blah, bullshit." And while these words can't be applied to the disc itself, production woes prevent the al-bum from making much of an impression.

Lead singer Timothy Ott's voice is serviceable enough, if a bit affected. Too bad the sound as a whole is so thin. Drummer/percussionist Alex Venetucci's beats don't have a lot of body, bassist Western Homes's thumps remain low in the mix, and the guitars of Ott and Khurrum Ansari fall short of compelling even on the fuzz-toned "Trigger Happy" or the less-than-incandescent "Roman Candles." No wonder the results are so underwhelming.

Do the Daily Afflictions sound more persuasive live than in the studio? Perhaps a Friday, November 2, album-release show at Trilogy Wine Bar, co-starring Lisa Genee and Blue Million Miles, will provide the band with a much-needed prescription.