Out of the Trunk

The elephant journal is Boulder personified: Touted to be the town's "guide to the mindful life," it deals with all things natural, organic, ecological, indie, spiritual and yogic, with just the right level of laid-back, we're-okay, let's-jam temper we all expect of someone dispensing such Boulderiana.

Well, when in Boulder, do as the Boulderites do. That's a bit easier since the journal launched its weekly talk show, elevision, which has moved from the living room couch of editor-in-chief/host Waylon Lewis to the stage of the Trilogy Wine Bar and Lounge, where Lewis conducts short interviews (later available for viewing on the elephant website) every Wednesday at 7 p.m. And as the folks at elephant sincerely hope, the live show proves a fine place to network with like-mindful people of all ages.

This week, Lewis greets local entrepreneurs from 3rd Street Chai and Optibike (and possibly renowned rock climber Lynn Hill and/or Dominic Lolly of the Motet); the show includes live music and organic "elephantinis." Admission is $1; for details, visit www.iamelephant.com.
Wed., Nov. 7, 7 p.m., 2007